Stretch With Jo

A little something about myself​

I have always been athletic, I played soccer, snowboarded and cycled for many years. I studied hotel and restaurant management and was in the hospitality industry for over 10 years as I started my family.

My passion for Essentrics developed when I decided to get back into running. I encountered joint pain and despite my efforts, I needed something to help ease my pain. That’s when I decided to give Essentrics a try and I had never felt better! My body literally felt like it had been put back into place. After taking classes for a while, I came across the Essentrics studio in Montreal and decided to do the live workshops. With 3 young children at home, I spent many years studying, practicing and attending classes whenever I could. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but I stuck to it and completed the four levels of certification in addition to strength and conditioning training from the I.S.S.A. I had never been in such great shape or felt better. That’s when I knew that I had to share my passion and knowledge of Essentrics with others.

In my six years as a certified instructor, I have had the opportunity to specialize in athletic stretching and have taught many AAA hockey teams as well as NHL draft players. My programs can be modified and tailored to all levels of fitness. As we age we feel our joints compressing. Athletes train with free weights, barbells and dumbbells. After a while, they often feel pain, stiffness and sometimes have no energy between workouts. Strength training without flexibility will make anyone feel less mobile and frozen. That’s where the beauty and science of Essentrics comes into play. The connective tissue in our bodies needs to be moved constantly to prevent congealing of the fascial layers. As an experienced instructor, I am able to teach various techniques to help re-balance the human body. There are many benefits to this program. Which include; increased mobility, energy and range of motion. It develops overall slenderizing, long lean muscles and flattens abs. I specialize in sports performance and I have seen firsthand the improvements in my client’s strength, agility, power, speed and injury prevention. It is also a great tool in helping with the recovery process after injury. 

We have lots of fun with our courses which include various music styles and barre work. The barre work helps stabilize the body and lengthens leg and feet muscles. It increases the range of motion in hips and other joints.

Did you know that many people (especially athletes) lose energy from weak ankles and feet? I offer a series of specially designed exercises to keep your energy flowing in every muscle from head to toe.

We all want to continue enjoying our active lives for as long as we can. Essentrics with dynamic stretching is the best way to remain flexible, feel balanced and strengthen your body. Don’t take my word for it, come try one of our classes for yourself! 

Are you ready to stretch?